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Our Scientific Affairs Group

The world-class and highly experienced Ellipses team use specialty experts within the Scientific Affairs Group to validate the science and clinical application of each asset. This provides an oncology-focused consensus that ensures in-licensed assets are appropriately developed.

The largest global panel of key opinion leaders in oncology

Our expertise

‘The patient sits at the forefront of our decision-making processes’

Crowd-sourced Expert Opinion

Unbiased, independent appraisal of the clinical data


Introduce potential development assets

Early introduction to exciting new opportunities with clinician support offers Ellipses access to unique assets


Provide clinically relevant input on the science, indications and patient need for each asset

Independent analysis – removed from management influence – de-risks the development process


Supply independent clinical consensus to ensure we run the right trial in the right patient at the right time

SAG input obtained early in the process, understanding lead and side indications as well as patient perspectives and target groups

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