Our Ambition

Ellipses Pharma is dedicated to making a difference to the speed and scale of cancer treatment development

Our Mission and Vision

Ellipses Pharma is focused exclusively on the development of innovative cancer medicines


Our mission is to make the very best drugs and therapies available to patients at unprecedented speed


Traditional drug development models have failed to keep pace with cancer, so Ellipses has adopted a bold and ambitious approach

In order to beat cancer,
we need to think like cancer

We have a distinct approach that disrupts the traditional phased funding model and accelerates the drug development process

Specialist assessment

Our Scientific Affairs Group is the world’s largest panel of key opinion leaders in oncology, providing the best scientific input alongside our world renowned leadership team

Expertly designed trials

We are at the forefront of innovation and use multiple different types of novel and smaller trials, with better patient selection to enhance success

Scalable development

Our rapidly scalable development platform can unleash a plethora of more powerful new cancer medicines for the benefit of patients globally

Ellipses proposition

A unique approach to drug development

We have uninterrupted development capital for each asset that allows us to speed up development and own more of the value chain.

Our fundraising is for the company as a whole, not a single trial and our investment strategy is objectively focused on our portfolio, not on an individual asset.

Our Scientific Affairs Group is the largest oncology focused network of global Key Opinion Leaders, providing high-quality, independent and unbiased expertise.

These leaders come from either the forefront of academic research or are practising clinicians, who often have a background in advising pharmaceutical drug development.

We use our Scientific Affairs Group to validate the science, its clinical application (from a patient perspective) and provide oncology-focused consensus.

Insights from our SAG enable us to design more effective and efficient clinical trials, utilising novel trial techniques, targeting highly specified patient populations.

This stratification of patients into more focused clinical trials delivers enhanced efficacy, cost efficiency and a higher probability of success; thus de-risking the asset/drug for future pharmaceutical partners.

Our active clinical development engine drives continued sponsorship to ensure focus on the delivery and execution of the clinical trial.

We embed our specialist in-house drug development team into our clinical trial interface to facilitate interaction, drive patient recruitment and help achieve time/cost efficiencies, protecting against value erosion.

This approach enhances both the value of IP and value to the patient.

Ellipses has a rapidly extensible platform with a strong pipeline of clinical opportunities and is globally scalable.

Together with our portfolio approach to investment, this can enable us to accelerate drug development at unprecedented speed and scale.

World renowned leadership

A proven track record in clinical development

Our expertise