Ellipses Announces Growth in Oncology Portfolio


LONDON, September 16, 2021: Ellipses Pharma, the UK-based global drug development company, has today announced a significant increase in its portfolio of potential treatments for a range of cancers.

Ellipses has now acquired and is developing seven high-quality drugs of which two are already undergoing clinical trials. A further three clinical trials are due to commence within the next six months with the other assets in the portfolio at late preclinical stage.

The portfolio includes a drug discovered at The Institute of Cancer Research, London, that could counteract drug resistance in patients with acute myeloid leukaemia. The drug entered clinical trials at The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust and trial recruitment is ongoing in the UK and Australia.

A Phase ll potentially registrational trial is underway in the UK, US and Hungary of a smart nanoparticle chemotherapy to be used in the treatment of ovarian, gastric and small cell lung solid tumours in combination with PARP inhibitors.

Other assets now under clinical development include a selective androgen receptor modulator for the treatment of ER-positive breast cancer, a nanoparticle chemotherapy for small cell lung cancer, peptide drug conjugates for glioblastoma and solid tumours and a next generation targeted RET inhibitor for Thyroid and NonSmall Cell Lung Cancer that could have utility in up to 2% of solid tumours.

Professor Sir Christopher Evans, OBE, chairman of Ellipses, said: “We are extremely excited by the development of such promising drugs at a time when the need for new treatments for the benefit of patients has never been greater. Identifying, securing and developing these assets is a global challenge and this is reflected in the great support we have had from our international investors.”

Dr Rajan Jethwa, chief executive officer of Ellipses, said: “The progress of the drugs we have acquired and are developing is very encouraging and is firmly in line with our strategy of focusing exclusively on the development at speed of the most promising cancer medicines and treatments. We are also extremely fortunate to have brought MORE OPPORTUNITIES MORE TRIALS MORE LIVES SAVED together the largest cancer-focused key opinion leader group which oversees our growing pipeline of high-quality clinical opportunities.”



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