Ellipses Pharma is committed to pursuing a collaborative approach to advancing cancer treatments. We are building relationships with leading research institutions, charitable bodies, commercial pharma, biotech companies and outsourced development providers around the world.  We believe by nurturing trusted and transparent partnerships with market leaders in oncology we can more quickly achieve the objective of delivering more treatments to patients.


As a permanent source of capital for oncology trials, Ellipses Pharma is very open to dialogue with entities looking for a partner to progress their trials.  We are always looking for promising new drugs to develop through the clinic. As an asset-focused development partner we offer a specialised means of funding trials.

Get in touch with us to discuss your science and if we are not the right partner, we will leverage elements of our network to try and assist.


Ellipses draws on all the expertise we have in-house, in our Scientific Affairs Group and our wider network to sponsor and actively manage our clinical trials. We are constantly striving to build enduring partnerships with like-minded, leading service providers in oncology.  If this is you, we would like to hear from you.


We are focused on taking the most promising treatment options through the clinic and then into the hands of pharma partners. By focusing entirely on excellence in the clinic, without cutting corners, our data packages are built to facilitate the journey to registration and approval.


If you wish to know more about Ellipses Pharma and our approach to developing cancer treatment please contact our team.