Unlocking the Potential of RET-Targeted Cancer Therapies

Simple Summary: Since the discovery of the RET gene in the early 1980s, multiple treatments have been developed that can inhibit abnormal RET signaling. The first treatments were repurposed multikinase inhibitors, however, their low selectivity for RET led to unacceptable off-target toxicities and sub-optimal exposure in patients. More RET-specific or selective RET inhibitors (SRIs; selperca- tinib and pralsetinib) were developed and were subsequently approved and are now established as standard of care treatment across a variety of indications including lung and thyroid cancer. However, there is now a need to develop treatment strategies that can address acquired resistance to these agents, including the development of next-generation SRIs and novel combination approaches. There also remains an opportunity to improve on the efficacy and safety/tolerability profile of the currently approved SRIs, especially to support potential combination approaches. This review discusses the current treatment landscape for RET-altered tumors and progress in the development of the next generation of SRIs.

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